Equipment for the production of polystyrene concrete and foam concrete.

The Company "Center Building Technologies" was founded in 1998 to development and manufacture technological equipment for the construction industry on the basis of advanced technologies and materials.

Lightweight concrete with polystyrene filler - known as polystyrene concrete, it is a lightweight concrete with a mineral binder, pores of which are formed of foam polystyrene particles used as filler.

lightweight concrete

Polystyrene concrete has become a serious alternative to the foam concrete and aerated concrete(AAC concrete), due to a wider field of application, simple manufacturing and significantly better material characteristics.

Requirements for thermal insulation of buildings have become much more stringent as a result of this it has become necessary functional separation of building materials insulating and load bearing, and these materials must be properly combined in the building elements. In this regard, an interesting solution proposes the use of lightweight concrete with a filler made of polystyrene foam (polystyrene).



We develop and produce lines of different performance, according to customer requirements.


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Lightweight polystyrene concrete production line - 80 m3 per shift

Cost from 2.000.000 RUR (Russian Rubles)

Warranty 1 year.





Pre-expander PND - 807

price on request

  • Second expension
  • Electronic feed rate control with visual indication
  • Temperature sensor with visual indication
  • Airblowers control (1 and 2 expension)
  • Window in the door
  • Powder paint
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Geared motor STM (Italy)
  • Heated bottom
  • Distributed steam supply

Steam generator PGS - 75

price on request

  • Power - 50 kW 380 V.
  • 75 kg of steam per hour
  • Stepwise power adjustment

Cloth hopper on metal frame

price on request


  • Volume - 40 m3
  • Bunker fabric - two-threaded
  • Collapsible frame
  • Powder paint

Airblower PN - 15

price on request
  • Productivity - 10 - 15 m3
  • Power - 3 kW 380V.

Mixer with pump MPTS 10-2

price on request

  • Gerotor pair - Germany
  • Belt Pump Transmission
  • Mixer Gearbox - Bonfiglioli
  • The mixing mechanism is a double helix
  • Powder paint
  • Control panel with thermal protection of electric motors
  • Concrete pipe - 25 meters
  • Pneumatic mixer discharge door

Components automatic dispensing system

price on request

  • Dosing of cement
  • Dosing of water
  • Dosing of polystyrene (EPS)
  • Management of 1 operator
  • Control system with one remote control (included)
  • Smooth unloading of cement by auger
  • Unloading the components into the mixer in 1 minute

Screw conveyor WAM ES

price on request

  • Length - 6 meters
  • Diameter - 219
  • Productivity - 3ton / hour
  • Manufacturer: Italy
  • External pipe complete with welded flanges, one inlet and one outlet branch pipe, inspection hatches under the first inlet pipe and under each intermediate support
  • Maintenance-free intermediate supports in cast aluminum housing with self-lubricating sliding sleeves

EPS-beads Fluid Bed SK-25

price on request

Drier conveyor is designed for drying foamed polystyrene granules. Drying the conveyor for polystyrene stabilizes the granules, before transport.

Polystyrene crusher

price on request

Crushing wastes of expanded polystyrene for the further use of granules.

Productivity: up to 10 m3 / h

Power: 11 kW 380V

Bandsaw MLP - 10

price on request

Saw tape MPL - 10 - is intended for sawing of files of polystyrene concrete, foam concrete or aerated concrete on blocks.

For filling the array, the standard forms for blocks with retracted partitions or special forms for arrays are used. The thickness of the block is set by the operator, the height and length depends on the shape of the array.

The technology of sawing blocks into blocks allows to reduce production costs by reducing the number of personnel, does not require the replacement of forms in existing production facilities, helps to achieve high accuracy of block sizes and quality of their surfaces.

Maximum block size: 400mm x 400mm x 600mm

Power: 1.5 kW 380V

Productivity: 10 m3 / h

Adjusting the size from 50 to 400 mm.

Automated multi-sawing complex - MRK


Automated multifunctional sawing complex - MRK - is designed for sawing polystyrene concrete, foam concrete or aerated concrete blocks on blocks or panels.

The complex consists of two independent units designed for vertical and horizontal sawing of polystyrene concrete blocks into blocks of any size. Works in manual or automatic mode. Sawing can be done at any stage of the strength set. The capacity of the complex is up to 70 m3 per 8 hour shift.

EPS transportation system

required calculation

The pneumatic conveying system can be made of galvanized or plastic pipes. The cost is calculated after agreeing the plan of the production room and the layout of the equipment. Self-manufacturing is possible.

Greese sprayer

20 000 RUR

The professional high-quality lubricant sprayer is used to apply molding oil to the surface of the molds, as well as to spray onto the ready-made concrete surfaces impregnation for the care of concrete.

Standart Molds

price on request

Standard sizes:

  • The block is a form for 24 blocks, the block size is 588x188x300. The volume of the mold is 0.8 m3
  • Block the form on 24 blocks, the block size is 600х200х300. The volume of the form is 0.8 m3

Manufacturing of molds according to the size of the custome

Tongue and groove block mold

price on request

Volume of the mold: 0.43 m3
Groove in 4 planes
Unit dimensions: 600х200х300
Number of blocks in the form: 12 Manufacturing of molds according to the size of the customer Variants of execution (block size):
  • 600x200x300(400)
  • 588x188x300(400)
  • 1200x600x300(400)
  • 2400x600x300(400)

Partition wall block mold (tongue and groove)

price on request

Volume of the mold: 0,2 m3
Groove in 4 planes
Unit dimensions: 600х200х800
Number of units in the form: 14 Manufacturing of molds according to the size of the customer

Floor slab mold

price on request

High-precision metal mold for slabs and floors made of polystyrene concrete or other lightweight concrete.

In the form it is possible to produce overlay slabs with a width of 3000, 3600, 4200, 4800, 5100, 5400, 6000 and 6300 mm. Length from 3000 to 6300 mm with a step of 0.1 m. The thickness of the plates is 300 mm.

Wall panel mold

on request

Sets of molds for the construction of houses from polystyrene concrete panels (Large-block construction). The groove-groove panels perfectly fit together, prevent cold seams and freezing. The panel construction from polystyrene concrete allows to erect houses for 2-3 days in any weather conditions. Reduction of heat loss at home by reducing the number of seams. (In comparison with the laying of standard blocks).
  • Height not less than 5 meters
  • Temperature +15 – 20 С
  • Input and extract ventilation
  • Area 700 – 800 m2
  • Lifting mechanisms
  • Required power– 90 kW 380V
  • Water consumption 10 - 15 ton/shift
  • Cement consumption 25-30 ton/shift
  • 10 – 12 workers

The technological process of the production of polystyrene concrete mix.

In the pre-expander PND 807, polystyrene raw materials are expanded from the polystyrene foaming suspension in the vapor medium from the vapor source of the PGES-75 steam generator, followed by unloading into the PN-15 pneumatic pump and transporting the expanded polystyrene foam to the foaming hopper 1. After the end of the first foaming cycle (6-8 hours), the finished product is transported to the pre-foaming unit by the PN-15 pump for repeated foaming and then transported to the secondary foaming hopper. Preparing a polystyrene concrete mix and making blocks.

The following components are loaded into the mixer:

  • A given dose of cement is supplied with a screw
  • A dose of foamed polystyrene EPS beads is discharged
  • The pump supplies the required amount of water
  • Additive is loaded manually

After the preparation of the mixture, at the operator's command, the discharge into the receiving hopper of the pump is discharged and the finished mixture of polystyrene concrete is transported to the forms pre-lubricated with emulsion VK-1 or other lubricating grease. After aging the mixture of polystyrene concrete in the forms of 12-14 hours, the block molds are disassembled and the finished products are transported to the finished goods warehouse.